Everything is made in house from scratch by a team of French from France bakers. We are pastry bakers (“pâtissiers” in French) but we like a good baguette, the only kind of bread we’re making!

We use organic flour and cane sugar, free run eggs from Rabbit River Farms, real butter, vanilla beans and rum, natural extracts, no preservatives, no shortenings and no artificial flavours. We use only the finest French chocolates (Valrhona, Cacao Barry).

We use organic local fruits and veggies whenever possible.

We believe in quality over quantity. We don’t like food to go to waste so we thank you for your understanding when our display is not fully stocked at the end of the day. That’s the price to pay for fresh products!

We are always working on improving our recipes and customer service. We value your feedback, whether good or bad. There’s plenty of options to talk to us: face to face, by email, via Facebook or Twitter, whatever you feel most comfortable with, we’re always happy to chat!

All displayed prices  in the store are tax included, it’s the price you’ll pay at the checkout.

“Us” is a French-from-France couple, David and Catherine Introligator. We are passionate about food and even more passionate about sharing it with family, friends, strangers… anybody really as long as you have a sweet tooth and appreciate quality products. David is a self-taught Chef and can work hours on recipes to offer some of the most authentic and tasty French pastries in Vancouver. We believe that food is not just a basic necessity, it is also a pleasure and we intend to make people happy with our pastries. We can spend hours perfecting recipes so our creations are a delight to your 5 senses: they look pretty, they smell nice, they melt in your mouth, they taste good and each one of them has a distinctive sound when you take the first bite… Catherine and the team of baristas strive to provide customer service as delightful as the pastries, in French and in English!

Our mission is to introduce people living in the “best place on Earth” to the sensations of “the best pastries on Earth”, we mean authentic traditional French pastries. We use only the best natural ingredients, without any additives or preservatives. We want to achieve the height of quality in the pastry industry and excellence in customer service.

Our values can be summed up by the word “respect“: for your body (feed it only with the best nature has to offer, not anything artificially/chemically altered), for the environment (buy “green” and local), for the people (for our customers, suppliers, employees and anyone that treats us with equal respect), for traditions (there must be a reason why UNESCO declared French gastronomy ‘world intangible heritage’)


A little bit of history 

When you ask an expat what he misses most from his home land, you invariably get the same two answers: family/friends and the food. Did you know that French people spend as much time talking about food as actually cooking? Well, we are no exception to the rule and, although we like muffins and donuts, we really miss the pastries, biscuits and sweet stuff you can find in any neighbourhood bakery in France. Fortunately enough, David has a gift for cooking and baking… Ever heard of a groom being the Chef at his own wedding? It speaks for itself and shows how dedicated David is to his passion…
In 2009, we fell in love with British Columbia (who wouldn’t?) and Vancouver, a city we saw as the perfect place to start afresh. This is when David became a professional baker. After a couple of years perfecting his skills, he grew increasingly frustrated with the lack of originality and quality of the products in most bakeries and we decided it was time for us to start our own baking company: David as the Chef and Catherine helping with running the business and unforgivingly jurying whatever comes out of the oven.
In January 2011, French Made Baking was born and we vowed to stick to our New Year’s resolution: to give our best to provide you with the best products and service.