We have 12 to 18 flavours of macarons daily. Please come early in the day for the largest selection.

$2.10 each
$11.50 for 6 macarons
$22 for 12 macarons in a regular box or $24 in a gift box

Please contact us for larger quantities pricing.

All macarons are gluten free. They all contain nuts (almonds), egg whites and dairy. Some may contain liquor, please ask staff if you have any concerns/questions. We have 12 to 18 flavours daily, some of them are not listed on this website and are only offered for a short period of time.

We are able to make eggless and vegan dark chocolate macarons, please contact us for a quote and availability.

Ingredients: All macarons are made of almond meringue (egg whites, sugar, ground almonds) and a few drops of food coloring in most of them.


We may be sold out of flavours indicated below and a lot of them are rotating on a seasonal basis (like the ones indicated in brackets), please contact us by phone or email to enquire about the flavours we carry in the store currently:

Regular line-up

Amour: strawberry & dark chocolate ganache
Audace: blackcurrant & Violet white chocolate ganache
Citron Intense: lemon & lime white chocolate ganache
Framboise: raspberry white chocolate ganache
L’Anglais: Earl Grey tea infused milk chocolate ganache
Le Breton: salted caramel buttercream & fleur de sel
L’Oriental: rose & litchi white chocolate ganache
Le Provençal: lavender & honey white chocolate ganache
Passion: passion fruit and vanilla white chocolate ganache
Pistache: roasted pistachio white chocolate ganache
Pure Vanille: vanilla bean white chocolate ganache
Tiramisu: amaretto & coffee mascarpone cream
Tout Choco: Cacao Barry 58% dark chocolate ganache
Zen: matcha & vanilla buttercream

Seasonal line-up

Limited Edition, Canada 150 special: maple buttercream, strawberry jam
Vert Printemps:
lime & basil Ganache
cherry blossom & rose buttercream
dark chocolate & whisky ganache

Past seasonal flavours

(Macaroon: coconut & dark chocolate ganache)
(Caramelia: pear, caramel, Valrhona Dulcey caramelized white chocolate)
(Le Noisette: hazelnut white chocolate ganache)
(Le Yuzu: yuzu dark chocolate ganache)
(Noix & Café: coffee buttercream & caramelized walnut)
(Black Forest: cherry buttercream with dark chocolate Kirsch ganache)
(Ephémère: Cherry blossom & rose butterceam)
(Fraise: strawberry and cream cheese, with strawberry jam)
(Le Safari: banana & Nuciola milk chocolate/hazelnut ganache)
(Canneberge: Cranberry jam & Vanilla/Orange buttercream)
(Celeste: Anise, Yuzu and apple white chocolate ganache)
(Cendrillon: pumpkin & spices buttercream, pumpkin spices macaron shell)
(Pomme d’Amour: Apple butter buttercream, cinnamon macaron shell)
(Le Praliné: hazelnut & almond praliné buttercream)

Special Chinese New Year flavours (limited time only)
Royal Macaron: durian white chocolate ganache with coconut
Jasmin: jasmine green tea white chocolate ganache (currently out of stock)
Soleil couchant: white sesame ganache with red bean paste
Black sesame: black sesame and mandarine orange white chocolate ganache

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