To serve along with our pastries we are proud to offer a wide selection of Kusmi teas imported from Paris, sustainably grown Mogiana Coffee roasted in Richmond BC, and drinking chocolate made with the finest Varlhona chocolate from France.


We make quiches (1-serving size in store, large ones for 6/8 servings or mini 3″ round quiches available by order) and we sell Chef Enrick‘s frozen savoury pies: Tourtieres, free range Chicken pot pie, Beef Bourguignon, Vegetarian pot pie and Wild Salmon pie (Oceanwise).


We specialize in traditional French pastries like macarons, croissants, small cakes (canelés, madeleines, brioches…) and desserts (paris-brest, lemon tart, chocolate tart, opéra, mousse cakes, tiramisu…). We also do large cakes for birthdays and special occasions.

Delivery may be arranged through our partners.

French Macarons

We have 12 to 18 flavours of macarons daily. Please come early in the day for the largest selection.

$2 each
$11 for 6 macarons
$21 for 12 macarons in a regular box or $24 in a gift box

Contact us for larger quantities pricing.

More information on macarons trees and packages: “Macarons towers & favours” 

Large Cakes

We try to keep the Cakes Menu page as up to date as possible but sometimes we don’t have all the cakes listed below, but we may have some new ones. Please call the store to ask us about our seasonal cakes!

Some sizes sell out fast, please call 3-4 days in advance for more options. Decorations on the cakes may vary from pictures. Please notify us of any allergies when placing your order.
Please allow sufficient notice as they are all baked fresh. Please note that we are a very small team and our order book sometimes fills up fast. At times we may require more notice than what is indicated below. Thanks for your understanding!

Please let us know at the time of the order if you’d like a custom message and of any allergies.

One-serving desserts & Small Cakes

desserts-summer-2016Large macarons (seasonal flavours), fruit mousse cakes, chocolate lava cake, Trianon Chocolate mousse cake, Lemon tart, Chocolate ganache tart, Tiramisu, Opéra (winter only), Charlotte, Flan, Pudding, Pistachio frangipane & Raspberry tart (seasonal), Pear Almond and Chocolate tart (on puff pastry, seasonal), Cheesecake.
All our chocolate desserts are made with the finest French chocolates (Valrhona, Cacao Barry).

The selection is seasonal, if you’re looking for something specific please give us a call to check if we have it or visit the store and let us surprise you!

Check out our Instagram feed for more pictures!


Our croissants are made with butter only.

Croissants menu

We offer savoury croissants made with our not-so-secret ingredient, bechamel sauce, that makes them so moist and flavourful, not your regular ham & cheese or vegetarian croissant! We also offer the classic plain, chocolate, double baked almond or chocolate-almond croissants and cinnamon or raisin danishs (pains aux raisins).

To learn more about how to make great croissants, we invite you to join a class with Chef David!

 Small Cakes

Canelés de Bordeaux

Le canelé is a small French pastry, traditionnally baked in the Bordeaux region but that can now be found in some Parisian pâtisseries as well. The right way to pronounce its name is: can-ell-eh, shouldn’t be too hard for a Canadian to remember, eh?

Flavored with rum and vanilla, the batter is baked in a small striated cylinder mould that gives the canelé its specific shape and makes for a tender custard-like heart underneath a thick caramelized crust. It’s so different from any pastry you have ever had (unless you’ve already had some in Bordeaux!), words come short when trying to describe how good it is, so there’s only one thing left to do: take a bite!


La madeleine is a small sponge cake-like French pastry very recognizable by its distinctive “hump” and its shell-shaped bottom acquired from being baked in specific moulds. Traditionally, freshly gratted zest is added to the batter to give it a slight lemon flavour. We also add vanilla bean.

Originally from the 18th century Lorraine region in northeastern France, it quickly became one of the most popular pastry in every French bakery and one of the most renowned French cakes.


La brioche is a lightly sweetened rich bread made with butter and eggs.

Loaves available at Farmers’ markets or by order!

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