Our croissants are made with butter only.

We offer savoury croissants made with our not-so-secret ingredient, bechamel sauce, that makes them so moist and flavourful, not your regular ham & cheese or vegetarian croissant!

We also offer the classic plain, chocolate, double baked almond or chocolate-almond croissants and cinnamon or raisin danishs (pains aux raisins).

To make a double-baked croissant, we use a regular croissant that we slice in half once baked and fill with almond cream, top it with even more cream and sliced almonds and we bake it again to make it all crispy on the outside while the inside stays moist.

To learn more about how to make great croissants, we invite you to join a class with Chef David!

Mini-croissants are also available by order only (minimum 1 dozen). For regular sized croissants a discount applies to order over 1 dozen.

Plain croissant: $2.95 each, $32.40/dozen
Chocolate croissant: $3.50 each, $39/dozen
Double-baked Almond croissant: $4 each, $45/dozen

«Le Panier Garni»Selection of sweet pastries: croissants (plain, chocolate, almond), cookies, brownies, canelés, madeleines
12 assorted: $40
24 assorted: $80
36 assorted: $120
+$1 per savoury croissant in the selection (ham & cheese with bechamel or vegetarian with bechamel)

“Les Minis”:
Mini Plain Croissants: $18/dozen
Mini Chocolate Croissants: $24/dozen
Mini Savoury or Almond Croissants: $39/dozen