A delicious sweet and sour sauce with lots of spices and flavour will be the perfect companion to turkey and mashed potatoes.

You could substitute Grand Marnier with Bourbon if you don’t want an orange taste. To make it without liquor, add the zest of 1 orange and use orange juice instead of Grand Marnier and apple juice.

I make it with apple juice and not orange because the flavour is neutral and it brings a little something texture-wise (thanks to the pectin in apple juice). The orange flavour only comes from the Grand Marnier.

Preheat the oven to 325F.

Place the cranberries and sugar in a bowl and stir, making sure all the cranberries are covered in sugar.

In a glass or ceramic dish, place the apple juice and the sugared cranberries. If you want the taste of orange without the taste of liquor, add the Grand Marnier now. If you don't mind the booze in your sauce, add it when you'll take the sauce out of the oven.

Cover your dish with foil (wrap it tight).

Bake until the juices have been released and the cranberries are very soft.

Add the Grand Marnier now if you haven't before cooking. With a slotted spoon, take about 1/3 of the cranberries and set them aside. Use a blender or hand mixer to make a smooth sauce and add the seasonings (salt, pepper, cloves, ginger, cayenne or any spices you fancy).

Put the cranberries you reserved back in the sauce. I like having a smooth sauce with pieces of cranberries, it carries all the flavours perfectly with still a bit of chewiness.

Refrigerate overnight at least. You can make this sauce a few days in advance.

It will keep for weeks in the fridge.