The French recipes for marshmallows always call for egg whites but I recently discovered that North American recipes don’t. Because of that the shelf life will be longer (the marshmallows are just sugar and gelatin) but I find them a little sweeter and more like a “cloud” texture. I like the chewiness of the French marshmallows. The eggless marshmallows I made also melt faster when roasted on a fire 🙂

This recipe isn’t my own, I made the one by Alton Brown featured on the Food Network website here with some adjustments.

When the gelatin leaves have bloomed, strain to remove excess water and melt the sheets in microwave.

Combine melted gelatin with 100g of water in a mixer bowl with the whisk attachment ready.

In a saucepan, combine 125g of water with the sugar, salt and corn syrup to make a syrup.

When the syrup reaches 112C (233F) Start mixing the water+gelatin on medium speed.

Heat up the syrup to 116C (240F). Check with a candy thermometer, this needs to be precise.

Turn the mixer to low speed and pour the syrup in it slowly. Be careful not to splash hot syrup on yourself.

Once you've added all the syrup, switch the mixer to high speed and keep mixing until the mixture thickens and cools down. This could easily take 10-15 minutes. Add the flavours almost at the end. For a batch like this I add 1 teaspoon of pure vanilla extract or 6 drops of doTerra essential oils (I love tangerine or lime marshmallows!)

While the mixer does its job, prepare the pan(s), you may use a sheet pan or a dish. Grease the whole surface (spray or brush vegetable oil

In a bowl, combine the icing sugar and corn starch and sift a light dusting on the whole surface of the pan. Keep what's left in the bowl for later.

When the marshmallow mixture has cooled down, pour it into the pan and use a lightly greased spatula to spread it evenly.

Generously sift the icing sugar and corn starch mix on top to prevent from drying and from sticking. Sift the remainder of icing sugar+corn starch into a container and keep the mix for later.

Allow the marshmallows to set uncovered for at least 4-6 hours (or overnight) in a cool dry place (not in the fridge which would bring to much moisture).

When the marshmallows are ready, cut squares with a lightly greased sharp knife or different shapes with a cookie cutter and roll into the mix starch-sugar.

Store in an airtight container for up to 3 weeks.