If you have a sweet tooth, you’ll love this sugar tart with its delicate maple syrup flavour. I must warn you though, it is very very sweet (it’s called sugar tart for a reason!) but I love it anyway, and I love the creamy texture.

The recipe was initially shared by La Sucrerie des Gallants, that’s the tart they have on the menu at their sugar shack. I did some adjustments and I’m sharing the recipe that worked best for me. You could be tempted to not add sugar because it’s already so sweet but think twice before you do that and read the blog post about the role of sugar in baking.

I tried making them in tart rings and pie dishes and I found that a pie dish works best, the tart ring is too shallow. The filling will rise while baking (then deflates as it cools down) so you need to leave plenty of space between the filling and the top of the crust (at least 1.5cm (1/2″) .

You’ll find the recipe for the shortcrust pastry here (or you can buy some if you don’t have time to make it). The filling is already sweet so we need to use an unsweetened pastry. I like to flavour it with a bit of vanilla extract for the taste.

Preheat the oven to 325F (165).

Using a whisk, mix the eggs and sugar together in a bowl. Mix a long time but gently, we want a flan-like texture so you don't want to incorporate air to avoid the mixture to become overly foamy.

Add the condensed milk and stir well using a spatula.

Repeat with the maple syrup and vinegar. I add some vinegar to cut a little bit of the sweetness. You could also add a tiny pinch of sea salt.

Grease a pie dish and line it with the pastry.

Give a good stir to the mixture and pour it in the pie. Leave at least 1.5cm (1/2") to the top.

Bake for 35 minutes then turn the oven off and leave the pie inside for 5 to 10 minutes. It will finish baking with the residual heat. The center should still be jiggly when you take the tart out of the oven and the top should be a nice light golden hue. I like mine a little bit more caramelized than what the original recipe says so I leave them 5 minutes longer at 325F but the texture is not as creamy. Depending on your oven you might need to adjust the temperature (up to 350F) and/or baking time.

Serve warm or cold. I prefer eating this tart at room temperature.